Promoting access to hepatitis C care for youth who use drugs

Hepatitis C is highly treatable, and once a person begins treatment, they can be cured within a few months. Yet starting treatment isn’t as easy as that for many.  In this webinar, researcher Jessica Jacob shares findings from a study looking at how youth who use drugs experience hep C related healthcare access.

Presenter Jessica Jacob is a 3rd year medical student at University of British Columbia and has published two papers on the intersections of youth who use substances and hep C.

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Additional Resources

Presentation slides

Support for youth with lived/living experience of hepatitis C: YouthCO

CATIE statement on hepatitis C treatment efficacy among people who use drugs (July 2021)

A brief history of hepatitis C: 1989 – 2021 (CATIE)


Suggested Audience

  • Frontline workers (peers, paid and/or volunteers) in outreach, case management, and healthcare navigation
  • Frontline workers (peers, paid and/or volunteers) providing support in HIV, hepatitis C and/or harm reduction
  • Program Managers and/or Executive Directors overseeing frontline workers
  • Allies and community members