Journal of Indigenous HIV Research Call for Submissions



This webinar provided information about the history of the Journal of Indigenous HIV Research (JIHR) and its future, as the current call for submissions is for a Special Issue: Navigating Allyship: What does it mean to work together in service to the community?

The JIHR is a peer-reviewed journal, produced by the Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research Collaborative Centre (AHA Centre), a project of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN).  The first volume was published in 2006 to address an identified gap in peer-reviewed literature conducted by, with and for Indigenous researchers and communities and allied researchers. JIHR is published annually as an online, open access resource and welcomes contributions from any author. We hope that the articles published in the JIHR offer insights and perspectives that inform all research, no matter the research question, topic or community.

This webinar included information on:

• The history of the JIHR
• Key accomplishments to date – engagements of peers in review process
• Topics of focus and interest for the JIHR – this year’s focus
• Submitting/participating in the JIHR, including supports available for community members and students who may be new to the publishing process
• Q&A

Suggested audiences:

• People living with HIV who would like to learn more about Community-Based Research (CBR) and what it might entail
• Community-based researchers and those connected to CBR, particularly in relation to allyship and all its forms
• Staff and clients of organizations that engage in allyship or are interested in learning more about allyship


Presentation slides

Check out this year’s Call for Submissions. Deadline to submit is June 30