Hepatitis C Schooling That Connects: Dialogue with Shelley Taylor of CATIE

World Hepatitis Day is honoured every year on July 28, and this year we presented a KnowledgeConnect dialogue webinar will focus on hepatitis C knowledge and skills that connect people across the country. Shelley Taylor, the Regional Health Education Coordinator with CATIE, shared what brought her to working in hepatitis C and what her work looks like: the courses and events she coordinates and how she works with community organizations  to build their capacity.

The webinar provides information on:

  • Overview of CATIE’s hepatitis C education programs and resources
  • How organizations work with CATIE to develop programs in different regions
  • Who can take these courses, when and how?
  • What to expect in a course, including hours to commit and how this can benefit frontline services


Suggested audience:

  • Hepatitis C and HIV organization frontline staff, volunteers, and community advocates
  • Supervisors, Managers and Executive Directors in charge of professional development
  • Community organization staff and volunteers with an interest in hepatitis C services



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