Near and Far: the Harm Reduction Landscape in the Interior

Each region in BC is facing its own overdose crisis within this public health emergency. Each region has its own layout of services, and the sheer land area of each region can make it difficult to support everyone who needs harm reduction services.

ANKORS has been providing community care and support in the East and West Kootenays for over 20 years, focusing on HIV, hepatitis C, and other blood borne infections. Their services include needle exchange, drug checking services and harm reduction education. ANKORS conducted a Harm Reduction Needs Assessment to look at community readiness, strengths, and gaps assessment
of harm reduction and overdose prevention services in the Interior Health Region.

Cheryl Dowden, Executive Director of ANKORS, shares the voices and observations of people in Interior Health’s large area: services they use and why; what gaps exist, and what we all need to consider to do better.

Recorded Wednesday September 18, 2019.

The webinar includes information on:

  • Harm reduction services and gaps in the Interior
  • Working in large service-delivery areas
  • Building trust-based relationships with people who use drugs
  • ANKORS programs and resources


Suggested audience:

  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff and volunteers; allied organizations’ staff and volunteers
  • Support workers and advocates, especially those engaging with people who use drugs
  • Leaders, policy makers, and those who shape organizations’ services
  • Community members and other allies