Creative, Inclusive, Rooted: Supporting Indigenous Youth with Yúusnewas

YouthCO has been working to reduce the impact of stigma related to HIV and hepatitis C since 1994. YouthCO’s Yúusnewas program is an Indigenous peer-led program. Their work includes workshops on HIV, sexual health and harm reduction in urban and rural communities; Culture is Healing events by and for Indigenous youth in downtown Vancouver; First Directions, a program bringing together youth from across BC to learn about facilitation and leadership skills; and awareness of the experiences of Two-Spirit/non-binary folks.  Amanda Tallio and Larissa Wahpooseyan, two Yúusnewas team members, talked about their work across BC in a webinar on Tuesday March 12th 2019. 


The webinar includes information on:

  • The need for Yúusnewas and how it fits within the provincial scope of YouthCO’s work
  • Yúusnewas’ projects in various communities
  • Connecting with Yúusnewas and/or supporting youth in your communities to connect


Suggested audience:

  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff, volunteers, and community advocates
  • Youth support workers and advocates, especially those working with Indigenous youth
  • Non-profit staff and volunteers working in sexual health


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