Ancient Stone Medicine

This community gathering was not recorded, to respect the unique creativity of its shared time and space. 

This past year has been hard, and ongoing stress is drawing a lot from us all. This special community gathering was to gain medicine from the ancient stone people. They have lived so long that they have experienced all hardships and joys and have been able to find stillness. They have many wisdoms to share with us.

In this session, we held safe space to connect with stone medicine and went through a meditation and a writing activity. Collectively, we learned from the teachings of the stone people from the Squamish First Nations culture.

Stone medicine is accessible where ever we are located, whether in the city or in a rural area.



Melanie Rivers/Tiyaltwelwet, is an Indigenous mixed media artist, instructor, and Expressive Arts Therapist from the Squamish First Nation. She facilitates art and creativity sessions that include painting, collage, movement, poetry and writing for individuals, teams, and communities. For the past 22 years, Melanie has worked in the Indigenous health field and she holds a Masters in Public Health and a Provincial Instructors Diploma. She has extensive experience with instruction, workshop design, evaluation, cross-cultural facilitation, and culturally relevant resource development.  Melanie says; “Art is an incredibly powerful vehicle to express what can’t be said in words, a way to synthesize and capture an experience, transform stories, build bridges, heal, foster community and strengthen relationships”. In the workshops she teaches, Melanie draws from her traditional ancestry and on her vast experience in the health and healing field. She creates safe space and offers art and creativity activities that all can engage with.


Suggested Audience:

This special session is for anyone in our communities who is feeling the pressure of their work. Those who may be especially interested include:

  • Frontline workers (peers, paid and/or volunteers) in outreach, case management, and healthcare navigation
  • Frontline workers (peers, paid and/or volunteers) providing support in HIV, hepatitis C and/or harm reduction
  • Program Managers
  • Executive Directors
  • Allies and community members