An Earth Day Special Webinar on Climate Change, Equity and Lessons from Public Health

British Columbia saw the effects of climate change first hand in 2021 with heavy rains in the fall, wildfires and extreme heat in the summer. We will need to prepare and adapt our communities and our systems for more frequent and extreme climate stressors in the coming decades, ensuring that we keep equity top of mind. The last few years have taught us a lot about what our health and social systems look like under strain. During this 1-hour webinar, some of the lessons of the last two years were highlighted, and we discussed how to apply them to climate change adaptation.



Sally Maguet MPH, BSC (SFU)
Sally has designed, implemented and reported on evaluations of complex, system oriented initiatives in a variety of health programs and services including Mental Health and Substance Use, Harm Reduction, Indigenous and Environmental Health. Working collaboratively and in partnership with service users, service providers and decision makers, Sally uses evaluation as a tool to inform and guide research and planning to improve health services and outcomes on a provincial and national scale.



Sally McBride MPH (SFU)
Sally has worked in population and public health, and community-based research at the UBC for close to 15 years. As a Director with the Human Early Learning Partnership, Sally works closely with health, education, and community partners to animate and apply research and local data into evidence-based planning for program and policy development to improve equity in children’s health and development. Sally has worked both provincially in BC and internationally in health promotion, research, community services and advocacy initiatives focusing on health inequities, and mental and environmental health. Sally currently co-leads the Sunshine Coast chapter of For our Kids, a national organization focused on engaging parents and grandparents in climate advocacy and activism.


Suggested audience:

  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff and volunteers, including harm reduction workers
  • Community members and other allies
  • Anyone interested in health equity and climate change!


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