PAN Frontline Support Workers Training – March 28/29, 2012

PAN hosted a Frontline Support Workers Training & Networking (with a focus on Mental Health and Substance Use) March 28 & 29, 2012. 

PAN worked in consultation with Carlene Dingwall, author of the discussion paper Trap Doors, Revolving Doors: A Mental Health and HIV/AIDS Needs Assessment to develop the program.  Carlene also provided program development assistance with the mental health training PAN hosted in March 2010.

Event Basics:
Date: March 28 & 29, 2012
Location: Vancouver Airport Marriott – Richmond, BC
Hotel and Address: 7571 Westminster Highway

Basic timetable:
Wednesday, March 28        8:30am – 4:30pm
Thursday, March 29           8:30am – 4:00pm

Who is eligible to attend?:

Registration for the 2012 Frontline Support Workers training is open to all PAN member agencies.  Scholarships for PAN Member agencies include: travel, shared accommodation, free registration, a light breakfast on both days, and lunch on both days.  Additional meals and other incidental costs will be the responsibility of the individual or their agency.

Each PAN member agency is entitled to send two (2) delegates at this time.

If your organization is interested in sending additional delegates please consult with Stacy at [email protected] .  Agencies would be responsible for covering their travel and accommodation costs, as well as a small registration fee for their additional delegates.


Registration Deadline:
Friday, February 24, 2012 by 4:00pm.
  Availability, including accommodation, seating and meals, cannot be guaranteed for agencies whose registration forms are received after the deadline.


How do delegates from outside Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) arrange for travel, accommodation and meals?:
PAN Member delegates travelling from outside of GVA must arrange travel for themselves through their member agencies, and pay for their own transportation to the conference.  Eligible expenses for travel will be reimbursed by PAN via PAN’s Administrative Desk following the conference (see below for expense reimbursement details).

Rooms have been made available at the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel (the conference hotel). To ensure accommodation, delegates must submit the required accommodation information, via the online registration form, no later than Friday, February 24, 2012 by 4:00pm.  Delegates are eligible for one room night per day of training, unless you are not able to get a flight back to your home community at the end of the second day and in that case we will provide an additional night of accommodation. There will be no charge for shared rooms but a request for a single room will incur a charge of $75.00 per night (Your organization will be invoiced following the conference).  (Please note: In the future if you or your PAN member organization have an unpaid charge from a previous training/meeting, you will not be eligible to register for future trainings/meetings until the payment is made.).

All delegates will be provided with a light breakfast and lunch on the official two days of the conference.  Agencies are responsible for providing their delegates with monies necessary for dinners and incidentals; monies provided for non-conference meals and incidentals cannot be reimbursed by PAN.


Cancellation, Changes and No-Show Policy:
All delegates are responsible for notifying PAN’s Administrative Desk of any cancellations within 5 business days of their scheduled arrival in order to avoid accommodation, and conference food and beverage, billing for non-attendance.

In the event that a person does not arrive at the training hotel for the training (a no-show) PAN will invoice the member agency for accommodation costs (where applicable) and a registration fee to cover programme, venue and meal costs.  Please note that this includes people based in the Lower Mainland.

Space for PAN events is limited and resources are finite.  We therefore sincerely thank you in advance for respecting this and remind you that through the act of registering, your delegate is agreeing to attend the entirety of all seminars, workshops, presentations, etc. that are part of the PAN-sponsored program.  Failure to honour this agreement may result in your agency or organization being unable to register for future PAN events as well as being billed for accommodation and conference food and beverage costs.

Exceptions will apply regarding health-related and/or exceptional circumstances. It is the responsibility of the individual to inform PAN administration staff as to the reason for lateness or absence.


Expense and Reimbursement information for PAN member agencies and their pre-approved delegates:
PAN’s Administrative Desk will reimburse PAN member organizations for transportation costs as outlined by PAN and agreed to by the PAN Member organization.  Expense claims received after seven (7) days WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.  Reimbursements postmarked after April 6th will not be processed for reimbursement.

The cost of economy fares is eligible for reimbursement UP TO A MAXIMUM OF $400. Note that ORIGINAL travel receipts, including boarding passes, must be submitted, attached to conference reimbursement forms (these forms are included in the Conference Kit given to participants when they arrive at the conference).  Costs for cancelled or altered airfares will not be reimbursed.

Other reimbursable expenses include:  Mandatory airport fees, Greyhound Bus, BC Ferry fees, mileage at $0.48 per kilometer (PAN will only reimburse to the amount of an economy fare flight), taxis, airporters, and transit.   Please note that there is a free shuttle that runs between the Vancouver Airport and the hotel that delegates are expected to use.

For Vancouver based participants the Hotel is conveniently located just a few blocks from the Richmond/Brighouse Canada Line station.

Please consult with the Executive Director of your organization before submitting a registration.  To access the online registration system for this training please click this link:



If you have any questions about this training please feel free to contact Stacy Leblanc at 604.968.3160 or [email protected]