Module 3: Is Moving Right For You?


Module 3: Is moving right for you?


Affordability is a key issue in BC’s housing crisis, and more affordable housing is clearly needed. But appropriate housing is also necessary, according to our community-based study, Positive Living, Positive Homes. Overall, the study found that people living with HIV were more likely to be satisfied with their housing when they felt it was appropriate for them.

What makes housing “appropriate”? It depends on the person. Your HIV status, mental health, personality, mobility, and other health factors influence what type of housing and supports are most suitable for you. `

This module is divided into three sections: First, it includes a series of questions to help you decide if moving is the right choice for you. Being in appropriate housing can have a big impact on people’s happiness and satisfaction. But, the process of moving can also affect people’s health. Moving requires work—physical, mental, and sometimes emotional— and the change to a new home can bring about uncertainty and worry.

Second, if you decide moving is the right choice for you, this module offers questions to help you prioritize what’s most important to you in housing. No place is going to be perfect; you may have to give up some of the things you want in order to get the housing you need. The module includes a tool that you can use to decide what you really need in housing, and what you’d ideally like to have to help you prepare for looking at housing options.

In this module:

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Making the decision to move 


What’s financially feasible? (including a downloadable budget template)
Prioritizing your needs (including a downloadable tool to help prioritize)