Module 6: Trouble-Shooting Tenant Problems — Making sure you’re covered by the Residential Tenancy Act


Making sure you’re covered by the Residential Tenancy Act

Not all rental situations are covered by the Residential Tenancy Act. Things that are excluded:


  • you’re staying in an emergency shelter or transitional housing;
  • your roommate’s name is on the rental agreement but your name is not;
  • you live in a place where you share a bathroom or kitchen with the owner;
  • you’re staying in a housing-based health facility that provides hospitality support services and personal health care;
  • you’re staying in housing related to receiving rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment or services;
  • you live in housing that is covered by the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, Continuing Care Act, or Hospital Act;
  • you’re staying in in a provincial mental health facility, observation unit, or psychiatric unit designated under the Mental Health Act;
  • you live in co-op housing and are a member of the co-op;
  • you live in housing provided by your school;
  • you’ve rented a non-residential space mainly for business purposes but it also has a living space;
  • you’re renting vacation or travel accommodation;
  • you’re in a correctional institution; or
  • your rental agreement is 20 years or longer.