Module 2: How Housing Works in BC


Module 2: How Housing Works in BC



In the Positive Living, Positive Homes (PLPH) study about housing and health, we asked people living with HIV about their experiences in navigating the housing market. Many people talked about their experiences applying for subsidized housing or other types of housing supports.

Many people in the study had good experiences finding subsidized housing. These folks generally had help with their housing search, made use of resources and supports, and received help filling out applications.

But some people found the process difficult and frustrating. A few said they didn’t even apply because they figured that they would fall through the cracks because of long waitlists. This suggests that while people want to get housing, the system can make it challenging to succeed.


In This Module:

This module provides a simple guide to housing in BC by exploring the following. Click to jump to a section or scroll down for all information.

What types of housing are there?
What is BC Housing’s role?


How does housing work with income assistance?


Tips for applying for subsidized housing



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