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PHAC: Report on Sexually Transmitted Infections in Canada: 2011

The Public Health Agency of Canada is pleased to present the 2011 edition of the Report on Sexually Transmitted Infections in Canada.  This report was made possible through the collaboration of all provinces and territories, whose continuous contribution to STBBI surveillance is appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. The Executive Summary will be posted online and a… Read more »

by Dr. Jason Wong, Clinical Prevention Services, BCCDC Background Provincial sexually transmitted infection (STI) data was used to describe the number of new STI (i.e., chlamydia, gonorrhea and infectious syphilis) case reports in BC overall (1991-2013) and to describe trends for the past ten years (2004-2013) by regional health authority, gender and age.   Findings… Read more »

The Public Health Agency of Canada is pleased to announce a call for membership applications for the Ministerial Advisory Council on the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada (MAC-FI) to fill vacant positions. MAC-FI is a council that provides unbiased, non-partisan, evidence-informed, targeted and strategic advice to the Minister of Health.  It is comprised… Read more »

By James Gallagher Health editor, BBC News website The origin of the Aids pandemic has been traced to the 1920s in the city of Kinshasa, in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, scientists say. An international team of scientists say a “perfect storm” of population growth, sex and railways allowed HIV to spread…. Read more »

CATIE’s HepCInfo Update 5.19

New and Noteworthy CATIE-News: A hepatitis C outbreak among HIV-negative gay men in London, England Some HIV-negative gay men may be at risk for getting hepatitis C. Researchers from London, England found 44 cases of acute Hep C infection in HIV-negative gay men between 2010 and 2014. Among HIV-positive gay men, hepatitis C has been… Read more »

On behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control, I am pleased to announce the release of HIV/AIDS Epi Update – Chapter 1: National HIV Prevalence and Incidence Estimates for 2011. This publication provides more details on methodology, and includes, for the first time, provincial estimates for HIV… Read more »

      In September 2014, Janssen Inc. began marketing a new medicine called Prezcobix in Canada. This medicine contains the following two drugs: darunavir 800 mg (also called Prezista) – an HIV protease inhibitor cobicistat 150 mg – a boosting agent   Summary Prezcobix is meant to be used as part of a regimen… Read more »

PHAC: Community Action Fund

On April 1, 2017, the Public Health Agency of Canada’s HIV and Hepatitis C Grants and Contributions funding programs will be integrated into a new funding program called the Community Action Fund. Over the past several months, the Agency has been exploring how best to deliver these funds to support a comprehensive community-based response to… Read more »

New Resources: Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure Access our new suite of multimedia resources on the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure — an updated set of info sheets, two short videos breaking down the current problematic state of the criminal law in Canada, and a webinar series explaining an individual’s rights and responsibilities with respect to HIV… Read more »

Hope Air recently received some funding earmarked specifically for providing free airfare to people living with HIV/AIDS who need to travel long distance to specialists. We encourage you or your client to visit or call us at 1.877.346.4673. You can request a free flight online and check eligibility criteria at   We would like to add… Read more »

Please find below information on the Social Media Training Series and on a publication recently released by the Public Health Agency of Canada: Summary of Key Findings from the A-Track Pilot Survey (2011-2012). Please distribute widely through your networks. The Public Health Agency of Canada is pleased to announce additional sessions of the Social Media… Read more »