Invitation to participate in International Testing Week November 20-26, 2023

This year, for the third year in a row, Coalition PLUS is organizing International Testing Week, a time to encourage testing for HIV and other STBBIs and to draw attention to issues related to testing in our communities (access, barriers, practices etc).

The week will be launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the collaboration of the Malaysian AIDS Council, member of Coalition PLUS. The launch will be broadcast on Facebook live (9 AM Monday in Malaysia, Sunday afternoon at 5 PM Pacific time).


How can you participate?

Branding of regular testing activities that week
Many organizations have regular testing activities either alone or in partnership with their public health departments. Two weeks out from the week itself, this is probably not the time to start planning a new activity, but we would encourage organizations to use the visuals of the week to “brand” your testing related activities for the week, to add to the visibility across the country and around the world.

Organizing distribution of self test kits
One important thing that most groups can do it to participate in the distribution of the self test kits provided as part of the federally funded project. You can order more kits today here.

Sharing your organization’s perspectives on what needs to change to improve testing/access to testing
You may have particular issues in your community/province/territory that need some attention from the public or from those who have the power to change them. This is an ideal opportunity to draw attention to those issues.

Sharing information about your activity
We have made a simple form for you to share your activities with us so that we can promote them and brag about them later. Feel free to return to the form to update it or to add additional activities. You’ll find the form here.

Sharing photos from your activity
We would very much like to show the world that Canada has been very active in promoting testing and would love to have good photos from your activity, with the permission to use them from people who are in the photos. You can also just send us a link to your own coverage of your event (Facebook or other) and we will select representative photos to show your organization in action.



Coalition PLUS has produced a number of materials and templates that you are free to use and free to add your own logo to. The available materials include the following:

  • Poster (size A4, needs some adjusting to North American paper sizes)
  • Badge (40 mm)
  • Social media banners (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Animated gif appropriate for Instagram, e-mail signatures and more
  • Photocall (background for taking photos or being filmed)
  • Roll–up banner
  • Sticker (40 mm)
  • Powerpoint template
  • Instagram template
  • Word Template

Note that there is a Graphic Charter outlining the use of the material, in order to maintain consistency.

All of these materials are available in multiple languages in this dropbox
(English, French and Spanish for all materials, Arabic, Mauritian Creole, Portuguese and Romanian for certain materials)



We will ask you to complete an online survey to capture the essence of your actions for the week, including some characterization of who participated, what kinds of testing you were able to offer, and what outcomes — all very non-nominal.

This survey will also allow you to name your other actions — articles, press releases, interviews, etc.

I hope you will be able to use these materials to raise awareness of the importance of testing and the barriers that need to be overcome in your community and across the country to get us to that UNAIDS goal of ending transmission by 2030.


Ken Monteith, Executive Director
COCQ–SIDA (member of Coalition PLUS)SIDA (member of Coalition PLUS)