Chemo Emos, Cancer Queers and Other Heroes


Chemo Emos, Cancer Queers and Other Heroes is a project of recorded community-based discussions to challenge the status quo around healthcare access, advocacy and autonomy. These conversations focus on the voices and experiences of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit, and Asexual communities plus other existing and emerging identities around gender and sexuality.

Join Jeffrey McNeil Seymour, Sheena Sargeant, Rae Spoon, Danita, and Kim Kinakin as they discuss their intersectional identities and the challenges with accessing supportive and nurturing healthcare. Together they share some of the issues and effects of living with Adrenal Carcinoma, Cervical Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, HIV, Kidney Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, CADASIL, Lupus, APS and COVID-19.

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These conversations document a specific date where professionals, family and friends may or may not have ‘shown up’ at that time – we hope that by documenting some of these challenges, they inspire opportunities for conversations to create positive change – understanding some changes may have already happened.

These video documents are intended to be used, potentially, as a supportive resource, educational tool, research reference and historical document. This is NOT a commercial endeavour.

Special thanks to Nellie Yee for support through editing of this project and providing time-saving topic notes, a valuable tool if you care to watch the videos in piecemeal fashion or for quick reference.

Chemo Emos, Cancer Queers and Other Heroes – listen and be heard, watch and be seen.

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