LPRC Harm Reduction Education Workshop Information

Living Positive Resource Centre (LPRC) is one of PAN’s member organizations, and they recently sent us their Harm Reduction Education Workshop Menu and Application information. LPRC offers community workshops, including HIV 101, Hep C 101, Sexual Wellbeing, Inclusive Language & Queer Literacy, Drug Overdose Response & Naloxone Training, and other workshops as requested. Attached information includes topics, timing, and materials for each workshop.

The workshops can be provided either over Zoom, or in person. These are public sessions that anyone can choose to attend. Businesses and organizations can also request for LPRC to come into their space and provide these workshops.

Please use the form to book workshops.

Connect with LPRC’s HRE Facilitator, Mariam J (she/her):  education [at] lprc.ca for more information.