Women and life with HIV featured in new book


There are Things that Cannot be Changed  is a compilation of twenty years of women’s experiences in Rwanda and Canada. This work of creative non-fiction by Peggy Frank is based on a friendship developed through letters written between a Rwandan, Emerthe Nakabonye, and herself. Their story begins even before they exchanged their first letters in 2002 as they had both been living positively for many years before that. At first, they only knew that the other was also living with HIV. The story shifts, chapter by chapter, from the perspective of a Rwandan single mother to that of a Canadian HIV activist. It provides an insightful look at challenges to accessing care and treatments as well as highlighting the importance of resilience, perspective and hope in dealing with ongoing illnesses.

Peggy has seen a lot change since she was diagnosed with HIV over 34 years ago – in support services; in treatments; and in global survival rates. And, of course, in connections between people with lived experience. She co-founded the Southern Gulf Islands AIDS Society, was a board member of Victoria PWA and the Positive Women’s Network, (a BC-based support organization specifically for cis and trans women living with HIV), ViVA ( an peer driven online provincial communications tool), and is active in a Victoria women’s group.

This book is an important piece of AIDS history and Peggy is keen to share the intercultural story with people living with HIV and those that care about positive people. She accepts invitations for readings and discussion circles. There are Things that Cannot be Changed  is available through her website. For more information, contact Peggy – http://pegfrank.ca/contact/


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