Two-Spirit Medicine Bundle pilot program


The Two-Spirit Medicine Bundle Pilot provides accessible and independent HIV self-testing and sexual health resources for Two-Spirit, queer and trans Indigenous community members in British Columbia. Each bundle contains sexual health supplies (including the INSTI HIV self-tests, and dry blood spot tests for HIV and other ailments), Indigenous medicines, and a variety of resources for additional knowledge and support.

The project was made by and for the Two-Spirit, queer and trans Indigenous community with the goal of creating alternate pathways to testing and sexual health resources. It’s a CBRC project.


Info/ Order

Here’s a link for more info and to order a medicine bundle that is open and available to all BC Indigenous people.


Please share! 
​Use the program’s social media kit to assist you with getting this info out the community.


Questions? Reach out
If you have any questions or need more info. or you can reach out to the amazing Two-Spirit Team at CBRC directly.