All-party Health Committee


To: PAN Members and Allies

Re: engaging with BC’s all-party Health Committee

In the last week, peer groups, human rights groups and advocates are being approached to give briefings at the next round of BC’s recently announced all-party Health Committee, examining ‘the urgent and ongoing illicit drug toxicity and overdose crisis’. These are slated to take place in the coming weeks in Vancouver and Victoria (with a virtual one at the end). This includes some PAN Members, so an email may be in your junk mail folder.

It is a good opportunity for the community voice to be heard, and we suggest that groups should participate if invited, and if they have the capacity. The more aligned voices from different perspectives, the better. If you have not been invited, then consider a submission to the Committee when that opportunity becomes available (to be determined, probably in the fall, see their website).

We recommend checking out who the Committee has heard from to date – including transcripts and perhaps even their Terms of Reference. As background, the Health Committee was struck in response to the urgency demanded by BC Coroner’s Death Panel Review.

Let us know if you will be giving a briefing (or submission), and what your focus will be, so collectively we might be able strengthen our voices, and /or highlight any remaining gaps.

For more background, connect with Simon Goff at [email protected]