Recovery and Resiliency Fund from Vancouver Foundation launching soon

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The Recovery and Resiliency Fund is a new fund made possible through a partnership between Government of BC, Vancouver Foundation, and United Way BC that will distribute $30 million to non-profit organizations. Vancouver Foundation will also contribute an additional $4 million while also actively seeking additional sources to increase the overall funding available.

This Fund will provide multi-year, unrestricted grants to eligible organizations that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. $5 million of the Fund will go to New Relationship Trust to be able to provide funding directly to organizations that are led by or serve Indigenous Peoples.


Why support community-led organizations right now?

Throughout the pandemic, non-profits have been crucial in providing vital community services. But as demand for these services have gone up, income sources such as donations and earned revenue from events and fundraisers have gone down, especially for smaller organizations. These organizations need targeted support to not only recover but also to begin looking toward and planning for long-term sustainability and resiliency.


What type of grants will this fund provide?

Multi-year, unrestricted grants will enable community-led organizations to address short- and long-term needs by offering a stable funding source and the flexibility to direct resources that position them to adapt and modernize. This could include capacity building opportunities, improving systems and digital infrastructure, and staff training and retention.

We are currently working in collaboration with our partners to test innovation in community granting that reflect characteristics of trust-based funding. For example, we aim to reduce the application burden through a simple application process; adjudicate applications to minimize bias; and place the responsibility of reporting on the funder rather than the grantee.


What organizations can apply?

We are collaborating with our partners to determine eligibility criteria and will announce specifics when the Fund launches. Our goal is to provide funding to non-profits that have been most affected by the pandemic. The Fund will launch in June 2022 with the goal of delivering funding by end of this year.

To learn more about the Fund, please visit Vancouver Foundation site page and sign up for updates.