Canada Pavilion at AIDS 2022 seeks Pavilion Representatives- apply now



The International AIDS Conference is the world’s premier platform for marking achievements, celebrating success, and setting strategic directions in the global HIV/AIDS response. The 24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022) will be held in Montreal from July 29 – August 2, 2022, organized by the International AIDS Society. A hybrid format will feature both virtual and in person programming. Under the theme, “Re-engage and follow the science,” AIDS 2022 will define future research agendas, shift latest evidence to action, and chart a new consensus on overcoming the HIV epidemic as a threat to public health and individual well-being.

The Canadian Association for Global Health (CAGH) has been selected by the Public Health Agency of Canada to manage the design, development, and implementation of the Canada Pavilion at the upoming 24th AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022), July 29th to August 2nd in Montreal and virtually. This exhibit is a unique and significant opportunity to showcase its progress in the response to HIV and other Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections (STBBI), share best practices, and highlight important initiatives that have been effective in moving Canada towards achieving global targets.

CAGH will select 10 (6 in-person and 4 virtual) Pavilion Representatives to be the face of the exhibit and engage with AIDS 2022 delegates.

Roles and Responsibilities

Pavilion Representatives will:
• Engage with visitors to the Canada Pavilion via in-person conversation or through the private 1:1 and group chat functions available on the online conference platform for a minimum of 4 hours each day.
• When not scheduled, be available to respond to emails from Pavilion visitors within 12 hours.

CAGH will:
• Provide all Pavilion Representatives with relevant resources and a virtual orientation meeting
• Have at least one CAGH representative available throughout the duration of the conference to provide support to representatives as needed


Contribution Grants

Representatives will receive a grant of CA$1000.00, along with coverage of conference registration costs and travel and accommodation associated costs (for in-person representatives).



To qualify, applicants must:

• Have lived experience with HIV and/or work/volunteer in Canada’s HIV/STBBI response*
• Be a Canadian citizen or presently be living in Canada
• Be available to attend the full AIDS 2022 conference from July 29 to August 2, 2022
*Preference will be given to those who have lived experience.


Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be assessed for:
• Demonstration of an affiliation with and/or connection to the HIV community in Canada
• Capacity to share knowledge and experience with AIDS 2022 delegates


Application and Selection Process

Online applications will be open from May 24 to June 5. All applicants must complete an online application form. Only applications submitted through the online application form will be accepted.

Applicants must provide a reference from an individual affiliated with one of the organizations sitting on the 2022 Canada Pavilion National Advisory Committee (see Appendix 1).

Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Sub-Committee of the National Advisory Committee for the Canada Pavilion at AIDS 2022 (hereafter referred to as “the Sub-Committee”) in a confidential review process. The Sub-Committee includes representatives from organizations who work nationally in the field of HIV/AIDS research, advocacy, and community-based work. In order to avoid real or perceived conflictof-interest, members of the Sub-Committee are not eligible to receive a scholarship.

Please note that applicants will be asked to describe their current (or past) affiliation with HIV/AIDS organizations and/or community groups, though affiliation is not mandatory for eligibility. CAGH is specifically looking for individuals with lived experience with HIV. CAGHwelcomes you to self-identify within your application. As a Pavilion Representative, you will be incorporating your lived experiences into the duties of this role. Please share on your own terms and set boundaries where needed- your wellbeing is the priority.

Pavilion Representative Applicants are eligible to also apply for a Community Scholarship to AIDS 2022 (more information at Having submissions to either opportunity will not impact or influence the selection process of the later.



All information received on application forms will be treated as confidential and is protected.

Information provided in this application form will be used for the sole purpose of selecting Pavilion Representatives. Completed applications will be received and processed by the Sub-Committee. The SubCommittee will receive and review copies of applications where names and any information which may identify applicants have been removed.

Applications that are not accepted will be deleted from the application database and all printed copies will be destroyed (secure shredding) within 60 days following AIDS 2022. Approved applications will be retained on file in the CAGH office in accordance with existing laws and regulations for this purpose.


Online Application Portal:

Deadline to apply: June 5, 2022 (9 AM Pacific time)

Questions? [email protected]