AIDS 2022 Community Scholarships

The Canada Pavilion is pleased to offer scholarships to the 24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022), which will be hosted in Montreal and virtually. There are up to 75 scholarships for in-person participation at AIDS 2022. These scholarships will cover conference registration costs (valued at US$1,080) and offset expenses associated with attending AIDS 2022 (valued at approximately US$2,500). ​There will also be up to 75 scholarships to cover virtual registration costs for AIDS 2022 (valued at US$865). To qualify for a scholarship, applicants must:

  • Have lived experience with HIV or work/volunteer in Canada’s HIV/STBBI response. Preference will be given to those who have lived experience.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or presently be living in Canada
  • Be available to attend the full AIDS 2022 conference from July 29 to August 2, 2022


Evaluation Criteria

Scholarship applications will be assessed for:

  • Demonstration of an affiliation with and/or connection to the HIV community in Canada
  • Demonstration of tangible benefits from attending AIDS 2022
  • Capacity to share knowledge gained and lessons learned with a larger community


Application and Selection Process

  • Online applications will be open from Tuesday, May 24th – Sunday, June 5th. Applicants will be notified about the status of their application the week of June 13th.
  • All applicants must complete an online application form. Only applications submitted through the online application form will be accepted.
  • Please note that applicants will be asked to describe their current (or past) affiliation with HIV/AIDS organizations and/or community groups, though affiliation is not mandatory for eligibility. Applicants must provide a reference from an individual who can verify their involvement in the HIV/AIDS commuity
    in Canada.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Selection Sub-Committee of the National Advisory
    Committee for the Canada Pavilion at AIDS 2022 (hereafter referred to as “the Sub-Committee”) in a
    confidential review process. The Sub-Committee includes representatives from organizations who work
    nationally in the field of HIV/AIDS research, advocacy, and community-based work. To avoid real or perceived conflict-of-interest, members of the Sub-Committee are not eligible to receive a scholarship.



  • All information received on application forms will be treated as confidential and is protected.
  • Information provided in this application form will be used for the sole purpose of administering AIDS 2022 scholarships. Completed applications will be received and processed by the Sub-Committee. The SubCommittee will receive and review copies of applications where names and any information which may identify applicants have been removed.
  • Personal information will be collected and used solely for the purpose of selecting scholarship recipints,
    according to selection criteria described herein.
  • Applications that are not accepted will be deleted from the application database and all printed copies will be destroyed (secure shredding) within 60 days following AIDS 2022. Approved applications will be retained on file by the Canadian Association for Global Health (CAGH), in accordance with existing laws and regulations for this purpose.
  • Information about scholarship recipients provided in the application will not be made public unless consent from the individual is given. If willing, recipients may be asked to share their experience through blog posts, on social media, through participation in post-AIDS 2022 events, and other activities as identified.



Scholarship funds may only be used for:

  • Registration (purchased through CAGH)
  • Transportation to Montreal (arranged through CAGH)
  • Accommodations & Per diem (in accordance with Travel Directive/Treasury Board guidelines)


Questions? [email protected]

Online applications will be open from Tuesday, May 24th – Sunday, June 5th.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit