Montreal Manifesto Consultation




The Montreal Manifesto of 1989 was a broad call for inclusion and action by the people most affected by the HIV pandemic. You can read the original text in English, French or Spanish.

Many things have changed in HIV since 1989, and some have not. New issues and tools to fight HIV have emerged since that time as well.

This consultation is to establish what issues are important for people living with HIV and community activists around the world, so that we can issue an updated Montreal Manifesto in time for the International AIDS Conference in Montreal in the summer of 2022.


Please share this widely among people living with HIV and community HIV activists.


We will close the survey collector on June 12, 2022 in order to have time for the process of analyzing the results and writing a new Manifesto.

In each section, we will suggest some basic points we are proposing. We also offer the opportunity to add points from your own perspective. All points are likely to be rephrased to be easy to read and succinct.

This consultation should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The consultation in English:

La consultation en français :

La consulta en español :