LGBTQ2 projects fund: Call for Proposals


Women and Gender Equality Canada is inviting:

Legally constituted not-for-profit Canadian organizations that work primarily or entirely with LGBTQ2 communities to submit proposals for projects. In exceptional circumstances, and where no such organization that works primarily or entirely with LGBTQ2 communities exist in a given region, community or population, an exception may be granted.

Please share this information with organizations that may be eligible to apply.

The objective of this call for proposals is to support community-informed projects that will address key issues facing LGBTQ2 communities. Funded projects will aim to advance equality for LGBTQ2 people.


The Department will give priority to projects which:

  • address barriers to equality for underrepresented LGBTQ2 people. This includes LGBTQ2 people who are Indigenous, Black and racialized, seniors, youth, low income, live with a disability, or are members of an official language minority community. It also includes those who live in a rural, remote and/or northern community.
  • address any other gap, such as geography, as deemed by the Department


Eligible organizations must submit their application for funding in this call for proposals by June 30, 2022.


Please reach out – WAGE is here to help:


Get all the details you need to get started on WAGE’s website including tips about the type of things to include when completing the application questions.


You can also connect with us:


  • By email: Send us an email and we will respond within two business days to provide you assistance with:


  • By phone: Give us a call toll-free at 1-866-966-3640 to obtain clarification on the call for proposals and the application form. We will return your call within two business days.


  • Online: Check out our guide on how to use the online application and intake system.