Test Link Call project


The Test Link Call project is helping people with hepatitis C access care, and your organization can be a part of it. The Test Link Call project was originally launched to assist people living with hep C to connect to treatment after release from provincial prison- by providing them with connection to a Peer Health Mentor, and giving them a cell phone with a 6 month unlimited talk/text plan on it.

The project team quickly realised that many other people in the community could potentially benefit from this, and they have broadened the project to include anyone in the community who is living with hep C infection who would benefit from receiving a cell phone and 6 month plan, to help them connect to care.

Any organizations in BC supporting clients to access hep C treatment can access this for their clients. This is how it works:

  1. Client signs consent form; this sets out agreement for them to receive the phone, as well as for the project to receive their health info for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the program
  2. Organization scans & emails the consent form to project team
  3. Project team sends a phone to the organization (along with phone instructions for participants) which they can then give to the client
  4. The organization helps the client set their phone up, and helps them connect to hep C care (links to HCV treatment providers who do telehealth can be provided for organisations if needed)
  5. The organization will be asked to provide some data on how that client progresses with accessing HCV care after receiving the phone (a brief table is send to be filled in every 3 months)

See the infographic below and share the poster to advertise the project. Please contact the STBBI Pathways Team [email protected]  for more information or to enquire about being part of this pilot.