REACH’s I’m Ready – HIV Self-Testing Study’s First Quarter Data Summary

The I’m Ready HIV self-testing research program has released its first data summary!

Launched in June 2021, I’m Ready invites people to download its I’m Ready, Test app to join the program, after which they can order up to three free HIV self-test kits for delivery or to be picked up at over 80 participating locations across Canada. The program also offers participants support to connect to care and prevention, either on their own using this website’s Care Pathways, or by booking an appointment with the program’s peer navigators for support before, during or after they self-test for HIV.

The first-quarter data summary, from June through August 2021, highlights the following key findings:

• 14,000+ website visitors;

• 1,579 people consented and entered the study through the I’m Ready, Test app;

• 1,311 participants started the pre-test survey;

° 46% of I’m Ready participants are under 30;

° 25% of I’m Ready participants are first-time testers;

•  1,100 participants ordered 2,653 HIV self-test kits for delivery or pick up;

•  496 participants added at least one test result in the app;

° 64% of those who added at least one test result on the app said they were part of at least one key population*; and

•  3 positive test results submitted, all from at least one key population*.

In BC, 169 participants entered the study and started the pre-test survey. BC currently has 25 pickup locations where participants can receive their test kits at a community organization of their choosing. (If you are interested in becoming a pickup location for I’m Ready, please email Janice Duddy at [email protected].) Two hundred kits were ordered for delivery to participant-chosen locations across BC and 61 BC participants who received HIV self-test kits reported their test results on the app. Participants are able to access BC’s Care Pathways to support them after testing.

Click here to read the full data summary for sites across the country.

To learn more about the I’m Ready HIV self-testing research program and to stay up to date with ongoing program updates, please visit

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*While anyone in Canada 18 and over is eligible to join the I’m Ready research program, I’m Ready is especially aiming to reach four key populations who are disproportionately affected by HIV in Canada:
•  people who are African, Caribbean and/or Black (ACB);
•  gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM);
•  people who use and inject drugs (PWID); and
•  Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis).
Participants may belong to more than one of these key populations.