New Provincial Health Order regarding healthcare and community care services

The Hospital and Community (Health care and other services) COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures order was released October 21 and outlines how people will need to share their vaccination status in order to continue in their work and/or their employment.

These pieces from the order note the locations and the people this order affects. This is not a complete list of either; we highly suggest you read the order in full to see how you may need to adapt your services.

  • The order applies to health care or services including community care. Community care includes (but is not limited to) mental health services, drug and alcohol services, continuing care services, supervised consumption services; overdose prevention sites.
  • Care locations include residential facilities licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act; community health services; supervised consumption sites; overdose prevention sites; correctional facilities; and private residences.
  • This order applies to staff and peer workers (whether or not they are paid to provide services, or receive an honorarium)

The order includes detailed explanation on how people may or may not carry on in their work, depending on their vaccine status and whether that status is in the process of change, such as the 7 day waiting period after the second vaccine, when one is considered “fully vaccinated.” These details provide numerous scenarios for people depending on where they fall along the vaccination continuum.

We encourage members to reach out to their relevant health authorit(ies) to clarify how the order applies to their organization. PAN has reached out to the Provincial Health Services Authority and will share information as it becomes available.


A related resource for employers is on Worksafe BC site: COVID-19 Vaccination and the workplace

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