Federal Election 2021


The 2021 election is fast approaching, and work is underway by PAN and many other allied groups and organizations across Canada to bring attention to the critical issues.

Please feel free to use the calls and resources below to ask questions of the candidates in your ridings, to share with local media, or in support of any  other pre-election actions you might be undertaking. Finally, make sure to vote- here’s how.


Joint Media Release: HIV, Hepatitis C and Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections in Canada: Top Election 2021 Issues

Read the joint media release in ENGLISH     |     Read the joint media release in FRENCH


As we approach a federal election on September 20th, 2021, Canadians should understand how their vote may impact HIV, hepatitis C and related human rights issues.

Since early 2020, PAN has been facilitating the work of a national group of HIV and hepatitis C community-based and human rights organizations that came together to ensure that Canada does not lose ground in meeting our national and international commitments in addressing STBBIs. In collaboration with other partners from across Canada, together we have identified six key priority issues that are essential in ending the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics, and stopping the drug poisoning crisis in Canada. As we know, there is no time to waste, and we call on each of the political parties to publicly state their positions on the following key priorities:

  • Canada must commit adequate resources without delay — our community-based HIV/AIDS and related responses are losing ground due to long-stagnated federal funding
  • Canada must commit to meaningful community engagement with people living with HIV/AIDS and/or other lived experiences, as well as those at risk and affected by the epidemics
  • Canada must prioritize an equitable response for Indigenous, Black, Latin, South-East Asian, South-Asian, and other racialized people
  • Canada needs National Pharmacare and equitable treatment access
  • Canada must commit to evidence-based drug policy, including harm reduction, decriminalization of drugs, and provision of and access to safe supply
  • Canada must affirm the health and human rights of sex workers


For more on the work here in BC, or for a PAN media spokesperson on this issue, please feel free to contact J. Evin Jones, PAN’s Executive Director: [email protected].


Additional federal election resources from other organizations (click on image):


The OAN’s Federal Election Package is a great resource focused on HIV/AIDS and includes: information concerning key HIV-related election and policy issues; Sample questions for candidates; Social media sharable; and Strategies and information for getting out the vote including how to register, voting in advance and by mail.
More information on HIV/AIDS issues as well as some examples of questions for candidates, and letters sent to the federal government.


Action Hepatitis Canada is joining the call for reformed drug policy and increased access to harm reduction services for all people in Canada, including people in prison: two large barriers to the elimination of viral hepatitis and the health and human rights of people who use drugs and people who are incarcerated. Consider sharing their Hep Can’t Wait #Elxn44 social media content.


The HIV Legal Network has social media graphics to share, focused on drug decriminalization. They also sent a questionnaire to all federal party leaders and are updating with responses.


Moms Stop The Harm have put out a #CanadaVotes2021 report card based on party platforms, statements and media articles.


To see election news on Twitter, frequently used hashtags for election news are  #elexn44, #cdnpoli, and  #CanadaVotes. For drug policy and advocacy pieces, search with #harmreduction, #Drugpolicy, #cdnpoli, and #decriminalization.


Questions? Feedback? Get in touch! J. Evin Jones, Executive Director, [email protected]