Doing HIV Justice: How to advocate for prosecutorial guidance for HIV-related cases

Date: July 14, 2021

Time: 7AM Pacific time

Streaming live on Facebook and YouTube

Hosted by Edwin J Bernard
With guests Kene Esom, Lisa Power, and Richard Elliott

Associate Producer: Denis Nzioka
Executive Producer: Edwin J Bernard
Produced and directed by Nicholas Feustel

HIV Justice Network invites you to the next episode of our web show, HIV Justice Live! this coming Wednesday (July 14, 2021) to discuss the newly launched UNDP’s Guidance for Prosecutors on HIV-related criminal cases.

The Guidance was developed for UNDP by our HIV Justice Worldwide colleagues, Richard Elliott and Cécile Kazatchkine of the HIV Legal Network. The process, which took two years, involved multiple consultations. Several other colleagues, including HJN’s Executive Director Edwin J Bernard, HJN Supervisory Board member Lisa Power, and HJN Global Advisory Panel member Edwin Cameron were part of the Project Advisory Committee.

Ensuring that advocates understand why such guidance is an important ‘harm reduction’ tool in our work towards ending HIV criminalization, and how to advocate for them, will be a major focus of our work moving forward, and so in this fourth episode, we will feature expert advocates who have been involved in both the development and implementation of such prosecutorial guidance.

The show will feature Kene Esom, Policy Specialist: Human Rights, Law and Gender at UNDP as well as Richard Elliott and Lisa Power about whom we’ll get to know a little more, as she also features in the show’s ‘Mind The GAP’ segment.

The episode will also feature a special edit of HJN’s documentary, “Doing HIV Justice”, which demystifies the process of how civil society worked with the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales to create the world’s first policy and guidance for prosecuting the reckless or intentional transmission of sexual infection.