ViiV’s Community Education and Service Grants 2021

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This information is an excerpt from the Request for Proposals guide. Please read the guide in full for all information on the process.

Grant application information session: July 15

Requests for Proposals / process opening: August 1, 2021
Closing of RFP: September 19, 2021
Applicants informed of the status of application: October 22, 2021

ViiV Healthcare recognizes the enormous impact of community partnerships in the response to HIV/AIDS. ViiV provides funding for numerous community-based programs, campaigns, and services, including HIV treatment education programs; HIV prevention and awareness campaigns; direct services for people living with HIV/AIDS; advocacy and communications outreach; workshops and conferences; and the core operations of AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) across the country.


We understand people move in and out of care over time. That means in order to close gaps in care and improve health and overall quality of life, we must support PLHIV along their individual paths – from a new diagnosis and immediate connections to care, to times when people are not consistently engaged in care and require reconnecting, to those who are looking for support in maintaining their own care plan.

The Community Education and Service Grants program initiative is requesting proposals for grants that will support projects related to access to treatment and treatment optimization to improve the quality of life and outcomes for people living with HIV. Priority will be given to two (2) focus areas:

1. Encouraging improved dialogue between PLHIV and health care professionals

a) Empowering PLHIV to advocate for their health by improving their health literacy, communication, and treatment information
b) Empowering the community to engage with policymakers and decision making
c) Encourage the use of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) to provide a patient-centered approach with efficient care

2. Integrating peer-delivered support and peer navigation within clinical care

Considerations will also be made for grants that are proposing education and support programs
that work to adapt the care pathway during COVID/post COVID, to link patients to healthcare
and treatment.



• Only one application per organization will be accepted
• Grants are for one year
• Individual projects will be funded at a maximum of $25,000 CAD


Proposal Process and Timeline

Organizations interested in applying for funding should register and fill in the online application with Smart Simple here: Registration | Viiv Healthcare ( ViiV Healthcare will also offer informational sessions about the funding opportunity for interested applicants. To register, please email [email protected].

Request for proposals will be made at three different times throughout the year to allow for organizations to apply at times that suit them best. There will be a six-week time period for organizations to submit their application.

Proposals will be reviewed by the ViiV Healthcare Grants and Donations Committee to confirm eligibility, ensure that the proposed project has the potential to address the CESG program objectives, and select the strongest proposed projects.



All questions and inquiries about CESG should be directed to Marvelous Muchenje, Community Relations Manager, at [email protected]. We thank you for your interest and for all you do on behalf of people living with HIV.


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