Three Bridges Substance Use Services

Three Bridges Substance Use Services is a Vancouver Coastal Health service that supports people living in Vancouver wanting to address their substance use – we offer groups, counselling and care coordination.

At intake we provide you with brief counselling and consultation on your substance use concerns, discuss eligibility for our services and can connect you to other supports, such as:

  • Daytox, supported recovery housing and residential treatment
  • Referrals to addiction medicine for detox, OAT and safe supply
  • Peer support and self-help groups
  • Other related community health services such as harm reduction, mental health
  • Specialized services for youth & young adults (24 & younger) and older Adults (65 & older)

To arrange an intake or consultation please contact: 604‐331‐8905 or drop into the office – please note, due to COVID precautions we are encouraging the access to services by telephone and Zoom.


Three Bridges Substance Use Groups:

  • Making Change (in person) – a drop-in support group for people wanting to make any change in their substance use.
  • Beginners Meditation (on hold) – a group for people interested in guided mindfulness meditation.
  • Goal Getters (in person) – a group for people wanting to change their crystal meth use.
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Substance Use (Zoom) – for people wanting to explore the overlap of gender and sexual identity and substance use/recovery centering queer women, trans and gender diverse voices.
  • VAMP/GO Vamp (Zoom) – a 12 week program for people struggling with substance use. There are two streams – one for gay, bi, queer, and trans men and a stream open to all genders. Gender diverse folk are welcome in both streams. The program includes groups, education, individual counselling if needed, and program aftercare.
  • Vamp Aftercare (Vamp completion prerequisite) (Zoom) – a drop-in group for VAMP alumni.


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