Expression of Interest – SICORN Project Summary

Over the last few years, the South Island Community Overdose Response Network (SICORN) has offered a space for people most impacted by overdoses, including drug users, family members of drug users, and overdose responders – including peers.

SICORN is seeking a candidate to gather experiences of SICORN participants through interviews, surveys, focus groups or other appropriate methods, review SICORN documents and outputs, and produce a summary of SICORN’s work. We expect there will be 10-15 SICORN participants who will engage in this process. In addition, this candidate will have access to meeting minutes, pictures, and planning documents.

The final product may be text and/or visual, and multimedia options are encouraged.


Project Timeline:

  • Expressions of Interest due March 1
  • Successful candidate selected by March 12
  • Draft submitted May 10
  • AVI feedback provided by May 17
  • Final submission, including feedback, provided by May 24


Submission Details:

Please submit a one-page expression of interest, indicating your approach to this project, the final product you will produce, and the experience that makes you a suitable candidate for the job. In addition, please include your fee structure, up to $4,000. AVI will administer compensation for project participants from additional funds.

Submissions from self-identified drug war survivors, people directly impacted by the overdose crisis, as well as Indigenous people, Black people, and people of colour will be prioritized. Self-identification as part of this process will be kept confidential.

Submissions will be reviewed by Sarah Chown, Harm Reduction Project Coordinator. Questions may be directed to Sarah at [email protected] or phone/text at 250-882-9001.