Community Social Services Training Fund

Applications for funding from the Community Social Services Training Fund (CSSTF) are now being accepted.


There are two grant streams that organizations may apply for.

Support for Certification/Education Individual Grant (up to $1,500)

Support for Organizational Training Grant (up to $10,000)


The Organizational Training Grant has three different application windows—each devoted to a different topic theme. The application process for the Individual Grant stream will be ongoing.

Information about eligibility, funding rounds and application windows, training topics, fund disbursement and reporting requirements can all be found on the Community Social Services Training Fund Page.

The online application form and a form-fillable application worksheet (which explains the application process and can be used to prepare your answers and responses prior to completing the online form) are available on the Community Social Services Training Fund Application page.

For questions about the training fund or the application process, please contact Sheldon Martin, the Community Social Service Training Fund Coordinator, at [email protected].

Funding for this Training Fund has been provided by The Province of British Columbia as part of an initiative to respond to the training and development needs of those who work with some of BC’s most vulnerable people. Learn more about these other initiatives here.