Job Posting: Knowledge Translation and Evaluation Officer

The Dr. Peter Centre provides compassionate HIV care for people living with significant health issues including mental illness, trauma, addictions, unstable housing and poverty.

Through its day health, 24-hour care residence and enhanced supportive housing programs, the Dr. Peter Centre provides healthy meals, counselling, therapies, nursing, and a safe place for peer socialization and support. This integrated model of care successfully engages individuals in their health care, improving adherence to HIV treatment and overall health.

We are currently looking for a Knowledge Translation & Evaluation Officer to join our Knowledge Translation & Evaluation department on a temporary full time basis (1-year contract).


Position Description and Duties

This position reports to the Director of Knowledge Translation & Evaluation and operates within an evaluation and knowledge translation (KT) team, which engages in capacity building and knowledge exchange initiatives with national and international partners and stakeholders related to supervised consumption services and iOAT (injectable opiate agonist treatments).


Key Responsibilities

The Knowledge Translation & Evaluation Officer is responsible for the following:

  • Program evaluation for a federal contribution agreement and a series of other grants;
  • Report writing for grant performance reports to funders;
  • Designing program evaluation for new grant submissions and drafting grant proposals;
  • Researching and compiling evidence to inform training modules and other key documents;
  • Reviewing and editing documents (e.g. training modules);
  • Stewarding relationships with national partners and stakeholders;
  • Drafting research posters and oral presentations for conferences and webinars;
  • Liaise with external researchers and other organizations for research and evaluation projects;
  • Working with a Communications Officer to develop plain language summaries about clinical, research, and evaluation material;
  • Assisting in the development and upkeep of a website for external stakeholders; and
  • Assisting the Clinical Director to update clinical policy and procedure templates.


Required Competencies

The Knowledge Translation & Evaluation Officer must possess the following competencies:

  • Excellent writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills are essential;
  • Strong understanding of harm reduction;
  • Proven proficiency of professional writing experience including successful proposals or other technical writing experience;
  • Candidates must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and highly-organized;
  • Ability to work independently; and
  • Ability to assess priorities.


General Working Conditions

This position requires flexibility and the ability to prioritize workload, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment where demands and deadlines may change with short notice. Multitasking and flexibility is a must in order to meet deadlines, and to support many activities that may occur concurrently or without notice. Evening and weekend work may be required.


Education, Qualifications and Experience

The preferred education, qualifications and experience of the Knowledge Translation & Evaluation Officer are:

  1. Masters with 1-3 years of relevant experience in one of the following or related fields: public health, community health, sciences, social sciences, public administration, public policy, sociology, or epidemiology.
  2. Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications.

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