See AVI’s Peer Forum Sessions

From AVI Health and Community Services


Last month our Peer Power Project facilitated and delivered a two day Forum focussed on reducing stigma, and bringing peers together to share experiences and skills.  It was very successful and had attendees not only from all over the Island but also from as far away as Toronto (shout out to Mary Kay and our friends at Street Health!).  Check out the Forum Schedule and visit AVI’s Youtube station, where the sessions are uploaded.  The workshops have diverse content and were all really powerful in their own way.

The Project has now wrapped up but we hope that people will remain connected via AVI’s Facebook page and/or AVI’s Education Team page.

Many thanks to our partners (Langford City, Island health), to the funder (Community Action Initiative), to Jenni and Sage for all of their work, to the participants, to the workshop leaders, and to Brianna Dick for her welcome, comments and Territory Acknowledgment.  Enjoy!