AVI Peer Leadership Forum

AVI Community Health Services is offering a Peer Leadership Forum December 11 and 12.

About the Peer Power Project

The Peer Power Project has been a six month project run out of AVI Westshore and funded by CAI and the City of Langford. This Project has looked to collaborate with peers to develop and deliver education aimed to increase community resiliency, reduce stigma and harm. There has been two six week educational series, weekend workshops, and now the forum to end the project.

“Nothing about us without us”


What is the Peer Leadership Forum?

The Peer Leadership Forum is a two day conference featuring peer speakers and leaders from around Vancouver Island. Speakers will present on topics such as what is happening in harm reduction/peer work, what is working and what challenges there may be.


Why is it important?

This is an opportunity for peers to not only hear about other work being done but also for organizations to hear about what is happening in peer work. Our goal now is to ensure that the conversation keeps going and have peer leaders across Vancouver Island host conversations/presentations about their work.


December 11 and 12, 10-4 each day.



Learn more about the schedule of events, facilitators, and how to get in touch.