Charting the Map: a reference for peer navigators

Just as awareness and urgency towards BC’s target for elimination of hepatitis C is growing, so is the base of education resources to support community efforts. A great example is the BC Hepatitis Network (formerly the Pacific Hepatitis C Network) reference guide for peer navigators called ‘Charting the Map’. Relevant and timely, the purpose of the guide is to capture and share the essence of what is involved in peer navigator and support work.


Who is the guide intended for?

The guide is not only useful to experienced peer workers, but also to those who might be newly exploring peer work. When speaking to peer support work, the guide states, “The only requirement is that you are someone with lived experience with hep C or you have assisted others with direct lived experience, and you are willing to meet people with compassion, empathy, and an open-mind.” Some might even view this guide as a ‘must-have’ for those inspired to engage in peer work.


What type of read is it?

Written by a person with lived experience of hepatitis C for peers to support peers, the narrative is informative yet encouraging and down-to-earth. There is a strong message of peer empowerment woven throughout. As a bonus, the 45+ pages are visually appealing to the delight of one’s brain.



What can I expect from the content?

There are five core sections:
1. Why we do this & who we serve
2. Hep C 101
3. Roles & responsibilities
4. Prevention & harm reduction
5. Community organizations

Plus, three reference sections:
1. Glossary of hep C terms
2. Helpful reading
3. Appendix 1: linkage to care

‘Charting the Map’ lays down a foundation for effective mindset and communication essentials for doing peer work alongside practical hepatitis C information. The guide is deserving of space in your arsenal of hepatitis C related resources.


How can I get a copy of ‘Charting the Map’?

Simply click the link below then provide the requested information which automatically allows you to download the electronic version. More of a hands-on paper person? No problem, information on how to request a print version be mailed to you is given in the link.


Click here to get the peer navigator guide!



The Hepatitis C Leadership Project will continue to highlight community resources such as the BC Hepatitis Network’s peer navigator guide.

The development and strengthening of the leadership skills of people with lived experience of hepatitis C plays an important role towards BC’s target of eliminating hepatitis C by 2030. Learn more about the peer work happening in the project by visiting the Hepatitis C Leadership Project web page.

Alicia Koback, Hepatitis C Leadership Project advisory committee member
Daryl Luster, BC Hepatitis Network, President
Monte Strong, Hepatitis C Leadership Project Coordinator