HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund and Harm Reduction Fund Review Committee Recruitment

from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

This fall, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) will launch concurrent open and competitive solicitations for time-limited project funding under the HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund (CAF) and the Harm Reduction Fund (HRF). To support the review of the funding applications, PHAC is seeking individuals who would like to participate as members of External Review Committees. The external review process is an integral component of the solicitation process. It is a model that empowers community representatives, including people with lived and living experience and individuals from key populations, in selecting applications to recommend for funding.  We are reaching out across a number of networks in an effort to ensure diverse and representative review committees.

PHAC is looking for people living with HIV, people with lived or living experience of hepatitis C, individuals from key populations, individuals who work in community-based organizations and researchers with a range of expertise in STBBI and harm reduction. We hope to recruit enough people to ensure the committees are diverse, inclusive and can help assess the extent to which funding applications support the objectives of the funding programs:

  • support community-based efforts to reach key populations, including people unaware of their HIV/HCV status, and to link them to testing, prevention, treatment and care;
  • support communities in designing and implementing evidence-based front-line projects to prevent new and reoccurring infections;
  • bring high impact interventions to scale so that more people benefit from them; and/or
  • support community-based efforts to reduce stigma toward populations disproportionally affected by STBBI, including people living with HIV/HCV.


External reviewers will:

  • have the opportunity to influence how federal funding will benefit communities across Canada;
  • provide tangible and beneficial feedback to applicants to improve their proposals; and
  • gain an invaluable understanding of a PHAC funding solicitation process.

As part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to moving toward Truth and Reconciliation, PHAC is committed to supporting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples’ priorities. As such, an Indigenous review committee comprised of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples will be formed to assess Indigenous-led projects. As it selects First Nations, Inuit and Métis reviewers, PHAC will try to ensure these reviewers also bring intersecting perspectives of other key populations, as outlined in the attached application form. Indigenous reviewers will also be asked to review applications from other organizations that have identified Indigenous people as their key population.

The time commitment for each reviewer is dependant on the number of available reviewers and how many applications for funding will be submitted during the solicitations. However, external reviewers will be expected to:

  • participate in a virtual information session in December 2020 (TBC) on the role of external reviewers, including  how people with lived or living experience will be remunerated for their participation;
  • review a package of funding applications and complete a one-page assessment with your comments for each application during a three (3) week period in January 2021 (TBC); and
  • attend a series of virtual External Review Committee meetings in February 2021 (TBC) over a one (1) week period. The purpose of these meetings will be for review committee members to discuss their assessments and determine which projects will be recommended to proceed to the next stage of the solicitation process, based on available funds and merit.


If you are interested in participating as a reviewer, please download and complete the attached application form by October 26, 2020 and submit it to: [email protected]. PHAC will notify you with the results of the application process. Please note that all reviewers will be asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest in advance of the review process.

If you are interested in participating as a reviewer but are not available for this particular process, we would still like to hear from you so that we can keep your information for future solicitations.


Download application form (Word format)