COVID-19 PAN Statement to Members

Please Note 

This was the first statement we published in response to the worldwide changes COVID-19 was bringing to communities. When we published the statement below, we couldn’t have imagined the course of things to come. Since then we’ve developed a set of resource pages. Please refer to them for ongoing developments in BC, rather than the links below.

We remain grateful to everyone as they do their best through this crisis and wish all well as we work within this extraordinary time.

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PAN Statement to Members, March 16, 2020


Dear PAN members and allied organizations:

Without a doubt, these are challenging and uncertain times. Now it is time for all of us to come together – as we have so many times in the past – to confront this new and significant public health threat.

PAN members will no doubt build on their history of responding in a creative and effective manner, as each decides how to continue to deliver services and programs often times to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Different members will be adopting different practices and approaches, to best respond to the needs of their clients, members and communities. The PAN board of directors and the staff team express our heartfelt appreciation to you, for the work that is unfolding across the network within each member organization.

We also want to recognize and acknowledge the efforts and dedication of our colleagues in public health – to all those working within each health authority, at the ministry level and federally – thank you to all the health care providers and professionals for your response and for the hard work still to come in the weeks and months ahead.

An update on PAN operations, as well as our commitment to members at this time:

PAN Operations

  • The PAN office located on West Pender Street in Vancouver is closed until further notice – however all staff can be reached by phone, or by email – see our contacts here
  • PAN staff will continue to work virtually from their home offices – fortunately much of the work at PAN is done remotely and our organization has long had flexible work place policies and culture – so we are well situated to carry forward in the same manner.
  • We are postponing all in person events and all in person meetings until September 2020, at which time we will reassess the situation based on the latest information from public health
  • NOTE: the June 2020 PLDI Core Training event (Loon Lake) was postponed– there is a November 2020 PLDI Core Training event which at this point we are planning will take place as scheduled. [September update: Please see PLDI Core Training page for for most recent updates]

Our Commitment to Members

  • To provide access to timely and accurate information in relation to COVID19 as it comes available and as this fast-changing situation continues to evolve – via our weekly e-news, on the PAN website, targeted communications to Executive Directors, etc. See Resources section below for additional sources.

The BC CDC is the key frequently updated link we recommend at this point for BC specific information*

The other “standing” link we recommend for national information

  • To provide opportunities for PAN members to connect virtually wherever possible including the sharing of information and best practices for delivering services in the context of this pandemic – more information to follow.
  • To liaise with public health (including health authorities, the province, the Public Health agency of Canada/Health Canada) and present the concerns of our sector, as we are able – working where it makes sense with our partners provincially and nationally


The work of PAN will continue in the weeks and months ahead, and we want all our members to know – we are here for you.


*Find Yukon specific information


Jennifer (Evin) Jones, Executive Director,
[email protected]


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