Join our next Community of Practice for Mental Health, Substance Use and HIV and HCV

The mental health, substance use and HIV/HCV Community of Practice provides a forum for learning and discussion for people interested in mental health and substance use. We meet on a monthly basis and also have an online forum for ongoing dialogue.

Please join us for our next CoP session on April 30th @ 1-2 pm.

Host: Neora Snitz from Heart of Richmond will be hosting this session

Hot topic: Kristen Kvakic from AIDS Vancouver Island will lead a discussion around the following hot topic:

Social workers/support workers/community workers conduct their practice in complex and challenging environments. When trauma, mental health challenges, homelessness, and addictions are present in the lives of clients, the individuals living with these challenges experience shame and stigma when accessing healthcare services. Gray (2009) explores the many ways that shame presents a significant barrier to treatment: “it mortifies and silences, distorts perception and creates a sense of self that is unlovable, dirty and low”. This reality presents health care providers (nurses, physicians, social workers, etc.) with a unique opportunity to “do dignity” with people living with complex social and health challenges. My short talk will explore the role of social workers/support workers/community workers in combating stigma and doing dignity with clients/patients living on the margins. References: Gray, Rebecca. (2009) The dynamics of shame: Implications for counselors working in alcohol and other drug settings. Psychotherapy in Australia, 16(1), 30-36.

Come join in the discussion!

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Mental Health, Substance Use and HIV/HCV Program

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