Grounding Trauma Quick Update – Dr Gabor Mate and Substance Use Competency Launch

CANADA’S PREMIERE TRAUMA CONFERENCE,   Grounding Trauma – May 7,8 2014

  1. Welcoming Address by Dr Gabor Mate
  2. CCSA Launching New version of their Core Competencies
  3. Presenter Highlight: A Personal Perspective on Transgender Policy and Practice



Dr Gabor Mate supports Grounding Trauma!

“…the impact of trauma is not only restricted to addiction, but in fact shows up in all manner of physical and mental health…. whoever you are looking at, whoever you are trying to help, you have to look at them on the heart level … honour their suffering, and realize that the addiction was their desperate attempt …
all the best with this conference.”

Video of his full comments will be shown at the opening.


Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Launches Technical Competencies v2 for Canada’s Substance Abuse Workforce.  Presenter – Elva Keip, National Priority Advisor for the CCSA will spend a 1/2 day reviewing the new core competencies for the substance abuse workforce. The CCSA recognizes that trauma is often integral in substance abuse, one competency specifically addresses trauma-informed care.


Highlight: Trauma, Recovery and Advocacy – A Family Story in the First Person

Part 1 – ‘Clinical Transphobia and Heteronormativity’ A personal viewpoint.  Presenter Tim McConnell, a young trans man, has personal experience with trauma, addiction and writing addiction treatment centre policy. Tim is presently a Community Outreach Worker.
Part 2 – On Becoming Trauma Informed – An epic journey – Presenter, Claire McConnell, Tim’s mother, explores a family and professional perspective on personal struggle, recovery and very successful advocacy for change.

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