Call for Papers: 2014 International Indigenous Health Conference in Cairns, Australia – December 15th – 17th 2014

Following the successful staging of the 2013 Australian National Indigenous Health Conference, it has been decided that once every three years, the conference would be a full international First Peoples conference. The venue for this year’s international conference will be organized in Cairns, Queensland. The highlights of the 2014 international event will endeavour would be the gathering of more than five hundred First Nations Peoples from all around the world as well as the integration of nature, nurture & pleasure with First Peoples keynote speakers and plenary sessions mixed with options to go on an educational nature tour in the Avatar-inspired and lush world heritage listed Cairns rainforest.  For the more adventurous ones, options of hovering over the rainforest on the Sky Rail or hover over the corals and numerous marine species in the world famous, Great Barrier Reef!


The 2014 International Indigenous Health Conference is scheduled to be held at the 5-star Pullman Cairns International which is centrally located in the heart of tropical Cairns, within walking distance to cruise terminal, Cairns lagoon pool, shopping centres, railway station and just 8 kilometres from Cairns International Airport.


The event is based upon the principal beliefs of most Indigenous Peoples wherein the relationship between our cultural heritage together with the relationship to our spiritual lands provide the basis for the guidelines in the treatment of our individual healing. The conference recognizes that treating our health must be done by treating the whole person in a holistic approach through mind, body, soul and culture. No matter which country you come from throughout this world, if you are a First Nations person, the statistics whether it be health, education, or the justice system is monstrously worst than a non-Indigenous individual.  Nowadays Indigenous peoples have diverse range of  lifestyle from city dwellers to remote bush isolated communities. The conference itself is not designed to provide answers for everybody however it is designed to bring together both government and non-government agencies who are working in the field of Indigenous health with the belief that working together can close the gap between the state of Indigenous Health as compared to the health of mainstream. It is envisage that up to 300 delegates will attend the 2014 International Indigenous Health Conference which is scheduled on 15th – 17th of December 2014 in Cairns, Australia.


For many years, the provision of Aboriginal health services had been broken and fragmented when it comes to delivery of primary health services. There were government providers and grassroots communities’ Aboriginal medical services where in many cases, duplication of services occurred. However over time, service providers have joined forces in, not just the physical provision of services but also in such fields as research, health education and even the training of staffs in order to improve Indigenous health.


This gathering will highlight some of the existing Indigenous health programs currently implemented in Aboriginal communities all over the world and provide a unique opportunity for delegates and speakers to see the power of people networking together in one place, at one time with similar goals and exchange information regarding the successes and challenges that workers involve in implementing Aboriginal health programs faced. Hence, we encourage grassroots communities to participate and present their existing, successful programs during the event.


To ensure grassroots community programs are highlighted, no less than 50 percent of the conference proceedings are and is devoted to community groups. Papers are now being called for with the first closing date on the 28th of February 2014. To further ensure the continuous success of the conference, an Indigenous working group is being established to advise the committee on correct adherence to cultural equilibrium.  The conference is not political based rather should be seen as an opportunity to access information that is not readily available at your own level.


Today, the world has become smaller with the invention of the internet however the internet has also manage to sterilized and isolate people at the same time. As such, we are of the belief that there is nothing more empowering and more efficient than for workers to have an opportunity to network and meet. The conference may or may not save you or your organization time, money and manpower however, one thing the event guarantees is the opportunity to enlarge your network and information base thus empowering the delegates to make greater informed decisions.


Furthermore it has been proven time and time again that events such as this empowers and reinvigorates workers with new ideas and with enthusiasm, with a greater feeling of support and contacts that may be utilised for the betterment of their own or local community. With all this in mind, we invite you to actively participate in the event.


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