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Spotlight on programming and research

HIV home-based testing: Potential benefits and ongoing concerns
Home-based HIV tests are available in some countries. We look at home-based tests and the potential benefits and ongoing concerns surrounding them.


Views from the front lines: Home-based HIV testing
We spoke to three people about their thoughts on home-based HIV testing in Canada.


HIV prevention and trans people: What the Trans PULSE Project can tell us
The Trans PULSE Project is studying the health and HIV vulnerability of trans people in Ontario.


New best practice guidelines for harm reduction programs promote needle distribution
Key recommendations for Canadian harm reduction programs that provide services to people who inject drugs.


Unknown, negative or positive? Using knowledge of HIV status as an HIV prevention strategy
Serosorting is an HIV prevention strategy used by some gay men. What is serosorting, how well does it work, and what can be done to make it work better?


Moving PrEP into practice: an update on research and implementation
How PrEP is being moved into into practice, the role front-line service providers can play in its safe and effective implementation in Canada, and how one Canadian clinic offers PrEP.


Shifting the paradigm: The history of the Vancouver STOP HIV/AIDS Project
How the STOP HIV/AIDS Project facilitated transformation across the entire system of HIV care in Vancouver.


Using e-mail services to keep up-to-date with HIV and hepatitis C
How electronic bulletins and alerts can keep you up-to-date with the latest news and research.


The Programming Connection: Programs and resources
Read about selected Canadian programs that use novel approaches to improve access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, care and support.


Current research
Interested in checking out the latest Canadian research on HIV and hepatitis C prevention?


Prevention resources
A selection of prevention resources available from CATIE’s Ordering Centre.


Fast facts: HIV/AIDS in Canada
Pictures are worth a thousand words.


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