Call For Abstracts for AVI’s First Annual MEN’SCAPES

MEN’SCAPES: Reshaping the terrain of men’s lives on Vancouver Island

Within the world of queer men, recently there has been a strong focus on intersectionality; specifically, how various social factors and identity parameters have influenced the resiliency and/or struggles of queer men and men that have sex with men. Trans* men, bi men, men who have sex with men, gay men of color – any variation on the theme of men in this community- have a lot to contend with as a member of this varied and intricate population. When we are not able to pull apart and explore these various layers of intersecting oppressions and stigma, our community endures in turmoil.

In the hopes of finding a new way to talk and think about men, we’re looking for presenters to liberate our minds. We’ve some topic ideas, but are open to any suggestions via your abstract. Remember, we’re going for a more intimate interaction, which most standard conferences tend to overlook in the setting of large, presenter-driven learning spaces. You’ll have no more than 20 participants. So, if you think you have a conference style lecture, a group role play or something never before seen to add to this conversation about men, the men of our community need to hear from you at AVI’s MEN’SCAPES. Please note all sessions should be no shorter or longer than one hour. We are seeking nine presenters in total. Presenters will also have the option of participating in a follow-up session slated for March. Follow-up sessions should be connected, but not identical to initial workshops on February 8th.

Please send your abstracts to Men’s Wellness Program Coordinator Samuel Salvati at [email protected] by December 16, 2013.

Session Topics:

  • Two Spirit/ Indigenous Queer reform
  • Trans* Men
  • Queers of Color
  • Body Positivity
  • POZ
  • Intergenerational Division and Connection
  • Public Sex
  • Violence Against Men
  • Gay community/Loss of the Gay Village
  • The Drag/Trans* Conundrum
  • Remote and Queer (Rural environments & Isolation)


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