Vancouver Pride Legacy Award

The first annual Pride legacy Awards presented by Telus took place at the Imperial (319) Main Street) with Host Fred Lee.

Eight Awards were presented to outstanding community members who have contributed to Vancouver’s LGBTQ culture. Each Award corresponds to a colour of the original eight colour flag and its meaning when artist Gilbert Baker first created the queer icon:

Bradford McIntyre – Pink – Sexuality (Sexual Health + HIV/AIDS Awareness)
Shawn Ewing – Red – Life (Lifetime Achievement)
Jag Bilkhu – Orange – Healing (Sports)
Barb Snelgrove – Yellow – Sunlight ( Community Superstar)
Maria Foster – Green – Environment (Safe Spaces)
Joe Average – Turquoise –  Art (ART)
Dean Malone – Blue – Harmony (Community Leaders)
Jen Sung – Purple – Spirit (Youth)