Integrating Mental Health and HIV Care and Support

Integrating mental health and substance use in HIV is an essential component of  care and support. In BC, the Pacific AIDS Network is leading this initiative – and it is one of the most concerted efforts in Canada to do so.  We are also committed to including HCV in our approach, even though there is a significant lack of research and models to support this.


In the USA, however, the integration of mental health and HIV has a strong foothold, and through a partnership with The American Psychological Association, the HIV Integrated Care Program supports organizations and support workers in the knowledge and skills to offer mental health assessments and brief interventions to ensure the best and earliest supports are available to people who are living with or at risk for contracting HIV.


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Early intervention is essential – and community-based organizations are best positioned to provide this service. Clearly, HIV Integrated Care is well resourced to support this work. Please do check out their website and explore their tools and resources: APA: HIV and Mental Health Integrated Care.


Our Mental Health and HIV/HCV Community of Practice is a community driven approach to identifying, developing and offering core supports and trainings to support individual and regional expertise in mental health, substance use and HIV/HCV. To learn more about the Community of Practice, please refer to this information package: PAN CoP Info for Orgs June 2013


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