New Public Health Guideline Document

Promote, Protect, Prevent: Our Health Begins Here

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Public health plays a wide variety of valuable roles in British Columbia, including developing and delivering vaccination programs, ensuring British Columbians have access to safe drinking water and food supplies, managing disease outbreaks, monitoring and reporting on health status and encouraging healthy behaviours to prevent disease, disability and injury.

Promote, Protect, Prevent: Our Health Begins Here. BC’s Guiding

Framework for Public Health (the Guiding Framework) aims to improve the health and well-being of British Columbians by:

1. Creating a long-term vision for the public health system, which incorporates all pre-existing major public health strategies.

2. Formalizing a collaborative process to identify future public health priorities.

3. Reinforcing core public health functions as the foundation for public health services.

4. Supporting a population health approach and the public health role in health equity.

5. Connecting to and supporting self care, primary care, and clinical prevention.

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