Webinar: Understanding Syndemics and Gay Men’s Health

Tuesday, March 26 – 10:00am

The term syndemic refers to the tendency of multiple epidemics to co-occur, interact and worsen the effects of one another.  Among gay men, syndemics of psycho-social difficulties have been shown empirically to increase risk of HIV infection. This presentation will provide an overview of the concept of syndemic, describe how syndemics are socially produced through marginalization, and review the Canadian evidences of co-occuring epidemics from the Sex Now survey.

Presenters: Sarah Chown & Olivier Ferlatte

Sarah Chown – Sarah Chown has worked in gay men’s health since 2009. She has had the pleasure of working and volunteering with gay men in a variety of research and community capacities in vancouver.  Sarah recently completed a Masters of Public Health in Social Inequities and Health at Simon Fraser University and is a Universities Without Walls 3.0 Fellow.

Olivier Ferlatte – Olivier is Research Education Director at the Community-Based Research Centre and a PhD Candidate in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.  Olivier’s research interests include social determinants of gay men’s health as well as the application of intersectionality and syndemic theory to explain health inequities faced by gay men.