Community of Practice Update: Join in!

Discussions about Trauma

Join us on Thursday, February 28, for our monthly Mental Health and HIV/HCV Community of Practice meeting at 2:30-3:30 PM, for a discussion about Trauma.

We held our first conferenced session last month when we launched PAN’s new Community of Practice space for dialogue and connection around mental health. For our next call, we are going to focus the discussion around trauma.

It’s a timely topic and something most of us are familiar with.  This past month we held two webinar trauma-related presentations.

The first one is called Enhancing Effective Trauma-Related Care and Support. We had some technical difficulties with the live version, so we recorded the session and it is now available here:

In the link you will also find the second webinar, where Nancy Poole leads a great discussion on Trauma-Informed Practice. A PDF version of the presentation can be found below. Many thanks Nancy!

PAN presentation on TIP

And, if you are interested in having a discussion about trauma with your colleagues around the province, please join in our next Community of Practice Conference Call.

If you would like to become a member of our growing community of practitioners and frontline workers who are interested in learning and sharing about mental health, substance use and HIV/HCV, please send me an email to receive information about the sessions.

Have a great week!


Carlene Dingwall

[email protected]