Cross Canada ‘Cocktail’ Parties

An invitation to join Peggy Frank on her cross Canada trip with a 7 foot cocktail glass made from empty pill bottles.Peggy Frank Pill Bottle Sculpture

It has been announced by the organizers of Canada’s largest outdoor sculpture competition that Peggy Frank of Victoria, BC is one of 16 finalists that have been selected from across Canada to compete in the 2013 Canadian Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick.

Peggy has been HIV positive since 1987 and knows taking meds is no cocktail party. She’d like to learn from you what life is like in your HIV+ community. Her goal is to understand and to discuss the big issues affecting poz people from sea to sea.

“When I first started taking meds I was taking 49 prescribed pills a day and about the same number of supplements. My life circulated around my alarm clock, having food in my stomach or making sure it was empty. It is much easier now – I can travel and sleep through the night!”

Peggy is working on this sculpture right now and wants your input, empty bottles, notes to insert into bottles, comments and rants for her trip blog.

Check the schedule (below), and gather a group of sharing, caring, positive people when she hits your area. This trip will be fun but is unfunded. If you can possibly billet Peggy and her traveling partner Cathy, please also let her know.

The PLHIV/PWA community in Victoria, BC and the Vancouver Island PWA Society encourages you to gather together – get some dance music and party with Peggy.

For more information on how you can help please contact:
[email protected]  or 250-891-6345