Webinar: How to Engage with Youth with HIV Prevention: Tips from the Mpowerment Project

Thursday December 13th – 1:00pm

Session Description:

The Mpowerment project is an evidence‐based health promotion program developed at UCSF and implemented in dozens of communities throughout the United States to reduce incidence of HIV. The social focus of the program provides new social opportunities for youth and helps build trust to promote deeper engagement and behaviour change at the community level. The core principles of the program can be used in a variety of contexts, including work with aboriginal communities, gay and bisexual male youth, and other groups.

1) Learn how social opportunities can be used to engage youth 2) Learn new ways to use social media to engage your target audience and volunteers 3) Understand the benefits of shifting HIV prevention programming from the individual to the community

This webinar is open to a general audience and the content is considered to be at an intermediate level.

Presenter(s): Michael Reid & Blake Stitilis

Michael Reid is YouthCO’s Community Engagement Manager and supervisor of the Mpowerment Project.

Blake Stitilis is an MPH candidate at UBC and works as YouthCO’s Health Promotion Coordinator.